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Founded in 1995, Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts continues to be your premier online source for unique and esoteric jewelry, fantasy art, and gifts of significance and special meaning.

We feature exceptional amulets and talismans of empowerment, inspired by authentic Celtic, Norse, Egyptian, Pagan, Wiccan, and zodiac symbols; Fantasy charms influenced from tales of fairies, dragons, vampires, werewolves and other legend, myth, and folklore creatures; Pendants drawing from New Age and Eastern hemisphere spiritualties; Greeting cards and art prints from many talented and celebrated artists, such as Britain's own Anne Stokes and Briar.

We also sell magical items for prediction and divination purposes, such as pendulums, runes, divining rods, spell kits, tarot bags, and more.

We consistently add to our collection to help you find the Enchanted Jewelry and Gifts you're looking for, so please check back often!

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