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Charging Bindrunes

Charging Your Bindrune

Charging Your Bindrune

Before charging your Bindrune Charm sprinkle it with a little salt and leave it overnight in a safe place. This is to physically cleanse it of any influences it may have picked up in transit to you. Once the rune is cleansed it’s ready to connect and to start working for you.

You will need the following:
A quiet room, small table, white cloth, incense or joss stick, a white candle and a compass to find where north is in your room. To charge your Rune Charm you need to draw from the energy of the North Star, known by the Vikings as Odin’s Eye. Make sure you are not disturbed, turn off your phone, close the curtains. Lay your white cloth on the table, place the candle and incense in the center. Light the candle and incense, place your rune charm next to them. Turn off the lights, close your eyes and spend a few minutes thinking about what your rune stands for and how you would like its essence to enrich your life.

Position yourself to face North with the table in front of you. Close your eyes, hold your hands over your Bindrune charm. Send your mind upwards, through the earth’s atmosphere towards the Northern hemisphere’s stars, thinking deep through layers of cloud into the darkness of the night sky towards the bright North Star. When you can clearly see an image of the bright, shining light draw it downwards towards you.

Feel it flowing through your arms and down into your hands, which become warm and energized. Now, pick up your Bindrune Charm and hold it northwards, concentrating on what your bindrunes represent. As your hands warm the charm, visualize the star’s energy transferring into it.

Your Bindrune charm is now charged and ready to work for you. Relax for a while, allow yourself to unwind and then have a drink or a bite to eat to bring yourself back to earth. Your Rune Charm is now working for you, so be prepared for its positive influences on your life!

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