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BCP05-Twr Tewdws (1 Apr - 23 Apr) Charm To Invoke Spirit (Celtic Birth Charms) at Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts

Product Code: BCP05

Product Line: Celtic Birth Charms

Twr Tewdws (1 Apr - 23 Apr) Charm To Invoke Spirit


For birthdays between 1 Apr - 23 Apr. The rising of Twr Tewdws (The Pleides) marked the 'April Showers', an event of great significance to ancient agriculture. These seven stars, known as the Seven Priestesses, were a focus of Celtic magic, representing the Seven Planets known to our ancestors. Twr Tewdws individuals possess great integrity and are generally free spirits.
Pendant: 1" diameter, silver plated. Packaging: Satin pouch, leaflet. Also includes: link chain. UPC: 5036018024054

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