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BCP07-Sidhe (May 17 - Jun 8) Charm To Invoke Enchantment (Celtic Birth Charms) at Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts

Product Code: BCP07

Product Line: Celtic Birth Charms

Sidhe (May 17 - Jun 8) Charm To Invoke Enchantment


For birthdays between May 17 - Jun 8. The Faery people, called the Sidhe by the Celts, may be glimpsed as shimmering lights during twilight. It is known that Celtic Saint Collen visited their world of supernatural glamour in the hollow hill of Glastonbury tor. Sidhe-born individuals are blessed with enchantment, some having second sight.
Pendant: 1" diameter, silver plated. Packaging: Satin pouch, leaflet. Also includes: link chain. UPC: 5036018024078

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