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BCP08-Heulsaf Yr Haf (Jun 9 - Jul 1) Charm To Invoke Wealth (Celtic Birth Charms) at Enchanted Jewelry & Gifts

Product Code: BCP08

Product Line: Celtic Birth Charms

Heulsaf Yr Haf (Jun 9 - Jul 1) Charm To Invoke Wealth


For birthdays between Jun 9 - Jul 1. With the sun at its highest point, summer gloriously begins. On Heulsaf Yr Haf (Summer Solstice), modern druids gather at the Hele Stone of Stonehenge for sunrise, mirroring an ancient Celtic ritual rejoicing the longest day. Heulsaf Yr Haf shines wealth and optimism on its birth children.
Pendant: 1" diameter, silver plated. Packaging: Satin pouch, leaflet. Also includes: link chain. UPC: 5036018024085

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